How Watskart Works

How Watskart Works
How Watskart Works
How Watskart Works
How Watskart Works

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What our customers are saying

I never believed that setting up an online store with a reseller link would be this easy !!!


Param Taparia - Mumbai

I never believed that setting up an online store with a reseller link would be this easy !!!

Due to the lockdown, I was very burdened with trying to sell my products' brand with resellers but thanks to Watskart, I am a proud owner of my online store. I have been using Watskart for almost 2 weeks now and my reseller orders have increased by 50%! I have been selling round the clock and it’s a joy to see my products being loved by all.

Watskart has completely transformed my business!

When the lockdown happened,my business almost got shut down.With Watskart,


Nilesh Sawant - Mumbai

When the lockdown happened,my business almost got shut down.With Watskart,I was able to get my orders online.Thankyou Watskart

Watskart has very good customer service which is very important in a long term.


Vijay Shetty - Mumbai

Watskart have very good customer service which is very important on long term.Watskart helped me with all the customised feature which I want and made by store complete.

Our Features

Excellent Product Catalog and Store Features

watskart Custom Domain

Custom Domain

Get your store name as domain that is easy to remember.

watskart Reseller Module

Reseller Module

Add up the resellers and increase sales by expanding your business.

watskart Categorized Listing

Categorized Listings

Create your product catalog with different categories.

watskart Shipping Configuration

Shipping Configuration

Define the delivery charges based on the purchase amount.

watskart Manage Analytics

Manage Analytics

Link your Ads account easily with your Watskart.

watskart Coupon


Generate coupon codes to attract more customers.

watskart Product Reviews

Product Reviews

Customers can give reviews on your best products.

watskart Role Based User Access

Role-Based User Access

Assign access roles to your store partners.

watskart Manage Inventory

Manage Inventory

Manage your stocks seamlessly.

watskart Product Varients

Product Variants

Make product variants such as size, colour, etc.

watskart Reports


View and generate all types of customer reports.

watskart 0% Commission Charges

Zero Commission

Zero Commission on every sale.

Start doing your business on WhatsApp with Watskart

During the demo, we’ll focus on evaluating your current Business Process, Problems, and Goals. Show you how Watskart could help you get better results and get you set up with a FREE trial.


Get Answers to Your Most Frequent Queries

What is Watskart? How to sell online?

Today only 1% of sellers are selling through giant marketplaces while small sellers have no convenient & cost-free way to sell online. Listing the products on these marketplaces is a difficult process & they also charge heavy commissions.

During the COVID many such small sellers have suffered majorly due to shutting off their shops. They would’ve continued the sales if their store had the easy option of going online.

Watskart enables these small-size retailers and resellers to build their own online WhatsApp e-commerce store in just 4 steps, that too within a few minutes. Watskart allows them to explore and sell online their products on Whatsapp at the local market or across India seamlessly.

The registration process is very simple and the seller creates his digital store in less than a minute time. A seller can immediately make his products live & start sharing with his customers through WhatsApp. All the transactions happen on WhatsApp including Orders, delivery updates etc. with no additional charge.

A basic store with minimum products can be created for Free, while the charges for the more advanced stores are also minimal, just like recharging the DTH or a mobile.

The CMS for the sellers is also kept quite simple so that store owners need not to have any technical expertise to operate/manage the same.

A user can upgrade or degrade their account at any point in time from Free to paid services for more features.

How much time does it take to create an online store on Watskart?

For a small seller who has a minimal set of products, it takes not more than 10 mins to register & upload the product details. We have dedicated customer care who supports the seller in making creating his store online.

The time for making a Whatsapp e-commerce store available with all products varies as per the number of products.

How do we sell products through Watskart?

There are 4 steps you have to follow for start selling online with your WhatsApp store build on Watskart

  1. Sign Up or Register on Watskart – you just need to feel in the registration form with minimal details & register as a seller.
  2. After registration, you have start adding your products one by one with adding their images, descriptions & features. You can also choose to upload your products in bulk.
  3. Now the link of your Online WhatsApp Store is ready to be shared & promoted.
  4. After adding the payment gateway or COD module, your store is all set to accept orders.

Is there any commission on every sale on Watskart?

No, we do not charge on every sale to the seller. Even there are no hidden charges. Under Free Plan, we offer limited services for free.

How do we get payments after selling my products? Or After How many days will I get my payments on sale?

You will get your payments instantly as soon as the customer pays because payment comes directly to your account, not to Watskart.

How do we share our online store?

There are multiple ways to promote your WhatsApp Online Store.

  1. The easiest way is to share your store link on WhatsApp by clicking on the Share option.
  2. You can generate QR code for your store link & stick it in your shop so that buyers can refer.
  3. You can promote this link on your social media profiles, send it through emails or SMS.
  4. Distributing the pamphlet in a newspaper with tag e.g. ‘Buy Grocery Online’ & QR code could another way to share your store link.

What does it mean by WhatsApp Store?

WhatsApp Store simply mean where all the transactions like order details, invoicing, communication with customer etc. happening on WhatsApp. Watskart enables you to have an online store with WhatsApp feature without any charges.

How to sell online for Free?

If you are looking for how to sell online & that too free then register on Watskart. Because Watskart is the only platform which allow you to create your store online & start selling for Free.

We have various plans for small to large sellers where a free plan provides a sellers all basic features to sell online. Our customer care supports & guide you on all your queries.

Can we integrate Watskart store into our domain?

Yes you can integrate Watskart store into your domain. It helps the seller to access the watskart store from his own domain and also for the customers. Our technical team will help you to integrate the Watskart store into your domain.

Can we customize our store?

Yes you can customize your store according to your requirements. Our tech team will integrate the required custom features in your store.

Is there any provision to manage resellers?

We have developed a reseller module where you can manage all your resellers easily from resellers management to automated commission reports. All you need to do is add your resellers and track their sales online. Click here to know more!

Is there any feature to manage the delivery charges?

We have integrated a shipping module where you can add the delivery charges and the amount for which the delivery is applicable. You can also edit the charges as and when required.

Can we make the Watskart store if we don’t have a GST number?

Yes, you can make the Watskart store without having the GST number.

Can I create discount coupons?

Yes, you can create different discount coupons according to festivals and offers to increase your sales.

Can we integrate Google Analytics into our store?

Yes you can integrate Google Analytics with Watskart easily. Just copy-paste the GA code in the given field & you are ready to track your customers coming to Watskart.

Can we sell services through Watskart?

Yes you can sell services through Watskart. As we have integrated a new feature into the store as ‘Enquiry Now’ where you can capture leads for your services.

Can we export excel reports of our orders?

Yes, you can generate excel reports.

If we have a large number of products, how can we create our Watskart store quickly?

In case of a large number of products, you have the facility to upload those through an excel sheet.

How do we manage inventory in the Watskart store?

You can easily manage inventory in the Watskart store by just adding the stock while uploading the products. Stock get decreased against the orders.

Can we do SEO for our store?

Yes, you have a provision for SEO in the Watskart store. We have given the Meta tags feature where you have add  Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords to be displayed in Google.

Is there any provision to generate packing slips for our orders?

      Yes we have integrated the automated packing slip where you can just print it.